The P³G and Partner Catalogues provide easy access to information about population-based studies in genomics. They describe, index and present information about various technical aspects of studies and their aim is to support the development and harmonization of epidemiological projects in genomics by providing an overview of a range of biobanking aspects.

The P³G Catalogues contain a wide set of study description records and, for a subset of these studies, additional information is available regarding networks (archived), questionnaires (archived), physical and cognitive measures (archived), DNA processing (archived) and access.

The Partner Catalogues present a smaller subset of studies or networks which have chosen to become Partners of P³G. Additional and tailored information about these specific studies or Networks is presented in this section.

The addition of new studies to our Catalogues helps increase the quantity and quality of the information available. If you have a study to submit or would like to update the information about your study, please let us know by contacting us at: .

Contact @ p3gobservatory.org

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