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Groningen Expert Center for Kids with Obesity Drenthe Study (The) [GECKO Drenthe] Download as PDF


Name Groningen Expert Center for Kids with Obesity Drenthe Study (The)
Acronym GECKO Drenthe
Last update 11/12/2012


Principal investigators

Ronald P. Stolk (Chief Scientific Officer)
UMCG, Dept of Epidemiology
Eva Corpeleijn (Dr. / Project Leader)
UMCG, Dept of Epidemiology
P.J.J. Sauer (Initiator)
UMCG, Dept of Pediatrics


Eva Corpeleijn (Dr. / Project Leader)
UMCG, Dept of Epidemiology
Groningen 9700 RB
Phone: +31 (0)50 3610889
Email: E.Corpeleijn@umcg.nlMail
GECKO project team
University Medical Center Groningen
Groningen 9700 RB
Phone: +31 (0)50 3610583
Email: gecko@tcc.umcg.nlMail


Funding agencies

  • Hutchison Whampoa Ltd
  • University Medical Center Groningen
  • GGD Drenthe
  • University of Groningen


The overall aim of GECKO-Drenthe is to study the early risk factors, inlcuding physical, genetic and environmental factors, of developing overweight and obesity, with special attention for nutrition and physical activity.

Specific research questions for the first years of life include:
- What is the distribution of anthropometric measures at birth? What are its predicotrs?
- How do anthropometric measures change during the first year of life? Can these changes be explained by mother and/or child factors?
- What are the body fat distribution (ultrasound) and body composition in the first year of life. These measurements will take place in a sample of the total population.

The current project is targeted to the first year of life, but the follow-up will be extended until adulthood or even longer. The details of this follow-up will depend on additional funding.

Research Focus

  • No Broad approach with no specific target of interest (study built as an infrastructure for a broad range of unspecified scientific activities/questions).
  • Yes Target specific questions of interest (predefined scientific targets like, cardiovascular diseases, social environment, specific health trajectories etc.) (Childhood obesity, growth determinants, nutrition, lifestyle factors)
Topics ICD-10 classificationExternal


Legend Yes No Unknown

General design

Study design Cohort
Type of participants Individuals
Target or final number of participants 2997
Target or final number of DNA 1728

Participant selection / Characteristics of the population

Selection criteria

Yes Gravidity (pregnant women)
Yes Newborn
Yes Country of residence Netherlands (Province of Drenthe)

Data Sources

  Cross-sectional Longitudinal follow-up
Yes Questionnaires to participants/respondents Yes Yes
Yes Direct physical measures Yes Yes
Yes Biological samples Yes Yes

Sample management

Biological samples

Yes Blood No Buccal cells
Yes Cord blood Yes Tissues (Umbilical cord tissue)
No Saliva No Urine

Genome-Wide Association (GWA) analyses

  • Yes Plan to proceed to GWA analyses later


Legend Yes No

Allow access to data or samples to external researchers

Yes Data (questionnaire-derived, measured…)
Yes Biological samples


Current status

Phase Start End
Preparation phase/Pilot 2005 2006
Baseline recruitment / initial data collection 2006 2008
Follow-up of participants 2006 --
Current number of participants recruited 2997 in date of 03/01/2008
Current number of collected DNA samples 1728 in date of 03/01/2008

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