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Name Copenhagen City Heart Study (The)
Acronym CCHS
Last update 09/11/2013


Principal investigator

No information available


Phone: 011-xx- 35 31 60 60
Email: Klinik@bbh.regionh.dkMail
Peter Lange (Dr.)
Bispebjerg University Hospital
Email: peter.lange@hh.hosp.dkMail
Peter Schnohr



The Copenhagen City Heart Study was designed to evaluate the incidence of and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


Legend Yes No Unknown

General design

Study design Cohort
Type of participants No information available
Target or final number of participants 19220
  The primary population sample of 19 698 men and women was randomly drawn in January 1976 from the Copenhagen Population Register with main emphasis on the age groups from 35 to 70 years. At the second examination (1981–83) 5 years later, the population sample was supplemented with a new sample of 500, 20 to 24 years old men and women. When the third examination (1991–94) started 10 years after the second, the study population was furthermore supplemented with 3000 men and women aged 20–49, selected with 250 women and 250 men in each 5-year age group.
Target or final number of DNA No information available

Participant selection / Characteristics of the population

Selection criteria

Yes Age Minimun: 20 years   
Yes Country of residence Denmark


Current status

Phase Start End
Preparation phase/Pilot -- --
Baseline recruitment / initial data collection 1976 2003
Follow-up of participants 1976 --

Supplementary informations

The first examination was carried out in 1976-78, the second in 1981-83, the third in 1991-94 and the fourth in 2001-03. Examinations included a self-administered questionnaire, a physical examination, and blood samples.

Current number of participants recruited 17506
Current number of collected DNA samples 17000

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