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Name Born in Bradford
Acronym BIB
Last update 09/11/2013


    Principal investigator

    No information available


    Rosie McEachan (Dr. / Programme Manager)


    • http://www.borninbradford.nhs.ukExternal


    Describe the differences in foetal growth and birth weight between ethnic groups; Investigate the causes of low birth weight in babies of South Asian origin; Study the effects of diet in pregnancy on growth and development;
    Explore the effect of exposure to chemicals during pregnancy on growth and development.


    Legend Yes No Unknown

    General design

    Study design Cohort
    Type of participants Families
    Target or final number of participants 13500
        Target or final number of families No information available
    Target or final number of DNA No information available

    Participant selection / Characteristics of the population

    Selection criteria

    Yes Gravidity (pregnant women)
    Yes Country of residence United Kingdom
    Yes Other criteria All pregnant mothers attending Bradford Royal Infirmary.


    Current status

    Phase Start End
    Preparation phase/Pilot -- --
    Baseline recruitment / initial data collection 2007 2010
    Follow-up of participants 2007 --

    Supplementary informations

    Blood samples are collected from mothers, fathers and babies.

    Current number of participants recruited --
    Current number of collected DNA samples --

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