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Information Usage

The P3G Consortium is dedicated to fostering global collaboration between researchers and their projects in the field of population genomics. It facilitates the sharing of expertise and catalyzes efforts to develop research strategies and tools for a meaningful collaboration between biobanks. It disseminates this knowledge in the public domain so as to support the international scientific community in improving the health of populations.

The P3G Consortium is thus committed to placing the tools developed by the P3G Consortium in the public domain. Researchers are encouraged to make use of the P3G Consortium tools in developing new research projects or in advancing knowledge in the field of population genomics and biobanking. The P3G Consortium anticipates that the P3G Consortium tools and expertise will be used in many ways. The tools and data provided in the P3G Observatory are available to all users.

Researchers and users are encouraged to make a responsible use of the data and tools in the P3G Observatory. Researchers and users must recognize intellectual property related to any of the documents or guidelines offered in the Observatory by acknowledging the authors and by referencing the Observatory as its original source. The P3G Consortium retains all copyrights and any related IP right on the organization of its P3G Observatory database and catalogue. Reproduction of a substential part of the database or Website is strictly forbidden.

The P3G Consortium does not consider the deposition of its proceedings, standards, and methods in the Observatory to be the equivalent of publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

P3G Consortium will submit reports to peer-reviewed journals when appropriate. Additional details on the P3G publication policies will be developed during an upcoming P3G Consortium meeting. In the meantime, please contact the if there are any concerns or questions regarding the use of P3G material for publications in journals or web sites.

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Information Usage