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ENGAGE Consortium Catalogue

The ENGAGE(European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology) Catalogue is a repository of standard information describing ENGAGE cohorts. The ENGAGE consortium partners have access to an extensive range of well phenotyped and catalogued population cohorts representing >600,000 subjects and including a number of ethnically homogeneous population sets.

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The descriptive information is collected in a (1)Study Description FormWord and a (2)Access Description FormWord.
To include your study in the ENGAGE Study Catalogue, please complete the Description Forms, and email it to .

For additional information on the ENGAGE Consortium Catalogue, please contact:
Isabelle Budin Ljøsne ()
Huei-yi Shen ()

Name Acronym Restrictions Fees to access data Fees to access samples
Estonian Genome Center of University of Tartu EGC No Yes Yes
FINRISK 2002 FINRISK 2002 No Yes Yes
Health 2000 Study Health2000 No Yes Yes
KORA-gen - Cooperative health research in the Region of Augsburg KORA-gen No No Yes
Malmö Diet Cancer MDC Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (The) NESDA No Yes Yes
Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 NFBC1966 No Yes Yes
Swedish Twin Study of Adults: Genes and Environments (The) STAGE No Yes Yes
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