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Name Italian Hub of Population Biobanks
Acronym HIBP
Last update 04/24/2012

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Elena Bravo
Istituto Superiore di Sanità


Elena Bravo
Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Phone: +39 06 49903061




Public resources are decreased and in the medium-long term economical investment required for prospective population-based studies makes more difficult to implement prospective biobank-based studies. Although, several Italian collections are part of European and International projects, in Italy these collections and work are little known and also reciprocal knowledge is poor. Samples stored and on going population biobanks studies represent a great patrimony for preventive and predictive medicine and public health and technology and genomics development are increasing the potentiality of already existing collections.
At national level, potential of harmonization and e-tools for integration of data have been poorly explored.


Objectives of the Italian Hub of Population Biobanks (HIBP : are addressed to three different targets
1. To policy makers HIBP wants to stimulate integration of the population biobanks in the Italian roadmap for scientific infrastructure and encourage synergic activities between public and private and Regions and Ministers. A further goal is to increase the recognition by policy makers of the value of population-based studies in improving public health in reducing health care spending.
2. At national level, HIBP intends to promote knowledge of population biobanks in whole biobanking scientific community and epidemiologists. The scope is to develop /test methodologies to favor collaboration and data integration by harmonization and e-tools; and, at the same time, to implement rules for future population-based studies by answering to the needs of harmonized standards for sample collection, storage, analysis and database infrastructure and to realize a common ethical and legal platform
3. At international level HIBP aims to disseminate this work to facilitate participation to European and international collaborations, aligning the goals of predictive and preventive medicine with the strategic objectives of the legal consortium of BBMRI

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