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Name Genomic Studies of Latvian Population, Application for Diagnosis and Prevention of Human Pathology
Acronym GSLP
Last update 05/12/2008

Principal investigators

Janis Klovins (Dr. (Principal investigator))
Valdis Pirags (Prof. (principal investigator))
Elmars Grens (Prof.(Principal investigator))


Janis Klovins (Dr. (Principal investigator))
Biomedical Research and Study Centre, University of Latvia
Riga LV 1067
Phone: +371 67473083


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Our goal is to collect sufficient amounts of genetic information from the Latvian population and compare this data with the clinical and pedigree information. The direct outcome of the project will be the possibility to consider individual risks for developing certain diseases due to their genetic features and then to eliminate these risks, particularly by application of the individual therapy based on the genetic characteristics of the patient.


- Stepwise collection and analysis of data about the genome structure of the Latvian population, building a genome database;
- Identification of pathology causing mutations in medically important genes (DNA diagnostics);
- Analysis of individual genome polymorphism, which could be used in health care and forensic medicine, person identification and in population genetic studies in Latvia;
- Comparison of genome analysis results with patients clinical data, living conditions, professional occupancy, infectious diseases and other environmental factors in Latvia, enabling the development of individual treatment and prophylactics;
- Analysis of gene expression to discover novel disease controlling genes and their functions;
- Development of proposals for governmental institutions to improve the existing legislation concerning the protection of human genome data and molecular testing.

Member organizations

Design of the member studies Case-control


  • Development of analytic methods for genetic studies
  • Epidemiology and pathogenesis of inherited malignant tumors
  • Genetic studies of Latvian population (mitochondrial DNA and studies on chromosome Y)
  • Genome Database of Latvian Population [LGDB]
  • Latvian Genome Database
  • Molecular genetics of cardiovascular diseases
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Studies on genetic factors causing monogenic diseases in Latvian population
  • Studies on genetic factors of metabolism and homeostasis
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