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Name National Biobanks of Finland / KTL (The)
Acronym KTLBiobanks
Last update 05/08/2008

Principal investigators

Arpo Aromora
KTL (National Public Health Institute)
Erkki Vartiainen (M. D., PhD, Research professor)
KTL (National Public Health Institute)
Leena Peltonen (Governance Council Chair/Dr.)
National Biobank of Finland
Jarmo Virtamo
KTL (National Public Health Institute)
Jaakko Kaprio (Professor)
KTL (National Public Health Institute)


Markus Perola (Dr.)
National Public Health Insitute
Helsinki 00251
Phone: +358-40-8612557


  • http://www.nationalbiobanks.fiExternal


For decades, KTL has performed cohort and family studies to research and monitor the health of Finnish population. We have built an infrastructure that facilitates the collection of genome-wide information on the genetic background of diseases as well as functional information on the molecules that are critical in the disease process. Furthermore we have established the necessary storage, database and computational resources for the expert analyses of the massive amount of collected biological information. The biobanking wet lab effort is concentrated to KTL/Biomedicum Large scale DNA extraction and storage facility. The facility presently houses DNA from more than 200 000 individuals and is co-ordinated by National Public Health Institute. It is equipped with state of the art bar coding system for sample tracking, an automated Gentra DNA extraction equipment, liquid handling robots, storage facilities, and tailor made data management tools for optimal confidentiality and quality control. The studies described here are the major cohorts of the KTL Biobank, however, the KTL biobank oversees several other studies as well, please see the website for details.


To research and monitor the health of Finnish population.

Member organizations

Design of the member studies Cohort, Differing kinds: individuals, twins, sibpairs, nuclear families, extended families.


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