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Study Catalogue

This Catalogue is a repository of standard information describing population-based studies in genomics.

To be included in the Catalogue, a study should:

  • Collect or plan to collect datasets and/or samples in the context of studies, biobanks, research databases and other similar health and social research infrastructures.
  • Infrastructure must collect minimal information on health status and health determinants (life habits, socio-demographic status, etc.).
  • Studies must collect minimal information on health status and health determinants (life habits, socio-demographic status, etc.).
  • Be evaluated by a P³G committee to assess the compatibility of project with P3G objectives.

The descriptive information is collected in a two-steps process: (1) The summary information is initially gathered by our team through websites and/or publications and (2) Complete information is provided by study investigators.

If you would like your study to be included in the catalogue, please contact usMail.
Do not hesitate to contact us to update the information related to your study!

Catalogue current content

Number of Studies 164
With Summary information (to be validated) 71
With Complete information (validated by study investigators) 93


Name Acronym Target or final number of participants Study design Country of residence Format
10 001 Dalmatians study of Croatian island isolates 10 001 Dalmatians 10001 Cross-sectional prevalence, Cohort, Initially cross-sectional, with a tendency of transforming towards cohort study. Croatia Complete
45 and Up Study (The) 250000 Cohort Australia Complete
Agincourt Health and Demographic Surveillance System, South Africa AHDSA 90000 Longitudinal demographic surveillance South Africa Summary
Agricultural Health Study AHS 89655 Cohort United States Summary
Airwave Health Monitoring Study AWHMS 60000 Cohort United Kingdom Complete
Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition APrON 5000 Cohort Canada Complete
All Babies in Southeast Sweden ABIS 21700 Cohort Sweden Summary
Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention ATBC 29133 Clinical trial / intervention trial Finland Summary
Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Studies ARIC 15792 Cohort United States Complete
Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow's Health (The ) Atlantic PATH (The ) 30000 Cohort Canada Complete
Australian Breast Cancer Family Study ABCFS Cohort, Case-control Australia Summary
Australian Diabetes, Obesity, and Lifestyle Study AusDiab 20293 Cross-sectional prevalence Australia Summary
Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children ALSPAC 22785 Cohort United Kingdom Complete
Babies After SCOPE: Evaluating the Longitudinal Impact using Neurological and Nutritional Endpoints BASELINE 10000 Cohort Ireland Summary
BC Generations Project 30000 Cohort Canada Complete
Beta-Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial CARET 18314 Clinical trial / intervention trial United States Summary
Black Women's Health Study BWHS 59000 Cohort United States Complete
Bogalusa Heart Study BHS 11796 Cohort United States Summary
Born in Bradford BIB 13500 Cohort United Kingdom Summary
Breakthrough Generations Study (The) 100000 Cohort United Kingdom Summary
Busselton Health Study BHS 5891 Cross-sectional prevalence Australia Complete
Cambridge City over - 75s Cohort Study (The) CC75C 2166 Cohort United Kingdom Complete
Campaign Against Cancer and Heart Disease CLUEII 32898 Cohort United States Summary
Canadian Health Measures Survey CHMS 10000 Cross-sectional prevalence Canada Summary
Canadian Longitudinal Study on Ageing CLSA 50000 Cohort Canada Summary
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